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Zantac – Have You Or A Loved One Been Diagnosed With Cancer After Using Zantac For A Year?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced on April 1, 2020 that it is requesting manufacturers to withdraw all Zantac and generic Zantac OTC ranitidine drugs from the market effective immediately. The FDA determined that N-Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) in some ranitidine medications “increases over time and when stored at higher than room temperatures and may result in consumer exposure to unacceptable levels…” The FDA, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the World Health Organization (WHO) all classify NDMA as a cancer-causing substance.

Have you been diagnosed with one of the following cancers?
o Bladder
o Breast
  –  Must not be BRCA positive
o Colorectal/intestinal
o Esophageal
   – Must not have Barrett’s esophagus
   – Must not have esophageal achalasia
o Gastric
o Kidney
o Liver
  – Must not have Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C
o Lung
  – Must not have smoked within the last 20 years
o Pancreatic
o Prostate (69 or younger at diagnosis)

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