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Failure to Warn Parents & Doctors of Cow’s Milk in Similac® and Enfamil®

The basis for these baby formula lawsuits is that research has long shown that cow milk is associated with NEC and the manufacturers of Similac and Enfamil should have warned doctors and parents of the risks.

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What Is Necrotizing Enterocolitis?

Necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) is a severe gastrointestinal issue that generally affects premature babies or babies born underweight. This condition tends to inflame the intestinal tissue, causing the tissue to die. In some instances, a hole may form in the baby’s intestine resulting in bacteria leaking into the abdomen or bloodstream.

NEC will usually develop within two to six weeks after birth, and if it is not correctly diagnosed or treated, it can lead to life-threatening issues and severe medical problems. If your baby has the following diagnoses or symptoms please complete the form above.

• Infant was premature;
• Infant was diagnosed with NEC;
• Infant was given formula or fortifier (except Prolacta) before being diagnosed with NEC;
• Infant suffered specific injuries: the child died, had one or more surgeries, has ongoing
gastrointestinal or other bowel conditions, has cerebral palsy or other ongoing
neurological conditions, or suffered other serious/lasting injuries; and
• Birthdate is 2004 or later

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