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Vickie Flores is the CEO of Final Key Consulting specializing in the area of technology and business development. She is employed with the Law Office of Floyd Chapman, PLLC as the Intake Director and Technology Manager to support tort claims and get justice for those that have been impacted. The details of your case will start with her and she will provide you the first steps and pathway to seeking justice. Customer service is her top priority and she will listen to you and take in the inital information regarding your case. Vickie attended the University of Phoenix and majored in Business Management. Vickie has lead several community non-profit organization such as The Rotary Club of Pacifica, The Boys & Girls Club of North San Mateo County, Pacifica Beach Coalition and the Pacifica Chamber of Commerce. She believes in supporting those less fortunate, her community and our next generation.

Floyd Chapman Law PLLC Partners With Wallace & Graham P.A On Camp Lejeune Justice Act.